About Us

Our Mission

Ye Olde Tutor brings equity and equality to education by creating online learning opportunities that are affordable, engaging, and centered around they way students learn. We prepare students for future challenges.

Our Vision

Ye Olde Tutor envisions a generation that is well-versed in the art of language, one that shapes the future with their words.

Our Founder

Dear Visitor,

From daily visits to my middle school library, majoring in English in college, and days I was a high school English teacher, Language Arts has always held special meaning. The pinnacle being the time I spent in the classroom where I got to share my love of Language Arts with my students.

I would teach my students, but in the process of the daily lessons, tutoring, and grading I learned so much about them. I learned of their struggles. The desire to balance academics and extra curricular activities. The need for extra support due to learning disabilities or to miss class due to medical disabilities. The students with family needs, the students unable to connect the value of learning to their future, the students who showed up everyday and gave it their all but still struggled. I loved all of these students and all of their diversity. I loved to hear their stories. They inspired me, and in that inspiration, I found myself wanting to do more for them, wishing for more hours in the day to tutor them and help them grow. 

In an attempt to help them, I searched for resources, but couldn’t find a place of consistent quality. There was tutoring, but most students can’t afford the cost of tutoring centers or private tutors. And that was when I realized, there had to be another way. From this, Ye Olde Tutor was born.


Yvonne Barrera

Founder, Ye Olde Tutor

Our Supporters

From inception, Ye Olde Tutor was not easy program to build. There needed to be intimate knowledge of Language Arts and Reading, transferring of in classroom learning experiences into meaningful online experiences, a web developer, brand creation, the setup of a secure platform to host content, an easy to navigate web experience for learners to engage with tutorials and so much more. With a need for support, we hosted a Kickstarter in 2016 and were able to raise $3000 to help with the initial costs of building Ye Olde Tutor. Some incredibly generous and student supporting people backed our campaign. A huge thank you to everyone who supported Ye Olde Tutor from the beginning. We would not be here serving students if it were not for you.

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