Ye Olde Tutor is ready to kick off 2021 right with some online learning!

Is Language Arts or Reading class a struggle for your high school student? Do you feel they are not getting the most out of their school’s distance learning program? Homeschooling and looking for a quality resources to break down new and challenging concepts?

We are here to help.

Public and private schools alike have faced numerous struggles in supporting their learners throughout the pandemic. With school closures, quarantine timelines, and ever changing guidance from officials, it is extra challenging on schools to provide extra support that so many of their students need. After hours tutoring is getting lost in the shuffle as teachers work tirelessly to transfer lessons to online learning, navigate a different learning environment and even have to take attendance in a new way. With all this going on, it’s no wonder extra tutoring has been a struggle for many.

Our online tutorials are hyper focused on essential skills high school students need to be successful in their Language Arts and Reading class, in preparation for college, and critical communication skills for life. Try our 7 day trial and see if our program fits your family or classroom. Have a question, connect with us on social media and ask away.

Students are struggling and we are here to lighten the load and make learning fun again.