How We Work

Step 1. Does your student…

Needs Extra Support

Attend class, but find they could still use extra support to really master new course material.


Missed Class

Does your student have lots of extra curiculars or medical needs that pull them out of class?


Want to Get Ahead

Have AP exams, State Exams, or scholarship applications they really want to rock?

Step 2. Sign Up

Sign up for our free trial and try a few tutorials to see if they are right for them.

Step 3. Try It

Our tutorials are designed with middle school and high school learners in mind to foster engagement and retention of ideas

Available Tutorials

Tutorials are designed with world class pedagogy for teens and best practices in online interactive learning.

Tutorials are aligned with TEKS to support student in their academic environment.

Step 4. Success

Watch your student improve: confidence in and out of the classroom, improve grades, performance on exams.

Boy take Ye Olde Tutor language arts tutorial to help in school