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Students are able to select tutorials from a tutorial library. Here, they can discover new concepts and skills in the world of Language Arts and Reading.


Tutorials are designed to provide guided practice that allows students to take new knowledge or skills and apply it in practice. This allows learners to master content.

Current Topics in our Library

Understand an Essay Prompt

Thesis Statements

Connotation and Denotation


Introduction to argument


Rhetorical triangle

Appeal to Pathos

Appeal to Logos

Appeal to Ethos

Introduction to rhetoric

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Explore the Rhetorical Triangle

In this tutorial, students will learn the different parts of the rhetorical triangle and connect how your argument works with it to build an effective argument.

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What is a Thesis Statement?

In this tutorial, students will learn about the mysterious "thesis statement" and the value it adds to an essay. Examine what makes a great thesis statement and different variations.

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Analyze the Essay Prompt

In this tutorial, students will identify what a prompt is asking and formulate a clear and thoughtful response.

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